Wild K9 Officers

Idaho Fish and Game’s K9 program was recently featured on KBOI Channel 2’s newscast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSTRGMzOQus

The story captures the partnership that conservation officer Jim Stirling has built with a black lab named Pepper. Jim and Pepper were the pioneers in a K9 program that has expanded to include more dogs and officer pairings that help to protect our state’s wildlife resources.

Jim and Pepper are also featured in a series of stories we call the Face of Conservation.  It is about all of us who treasure Idaho’s wildlife and wild places. We each become the Face of Conservation when we buy a hunting or fishing license, when we watch wildlife, when we volunteer to plant sagebrush or purchase a wildlife license plate.

It is a tribute to the conservationist in of us. We are all the Face of Conservation.

Watch Jim and Pepper on patrol:



  • In 2012, the Jim and Pepper carried out a successful search and rescue mission, tracking a 2-year-old child who gone missing on a huge cattle ranch near the Nevada border tracking nearly a mile using Pepper’s nose.

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    Jim Stirling
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