How Important is Fishing??

Idaho people know the value of fishing.  Many of us live and breath the sport and will go to great lengths to fish a backwater area or get close enough to drop a fly in that perfect "fishy" looking place.

Just remember, with high water and submerged paths along rivers and ponds - no fish is worth the risk of a human life.  If you must go fishing - play it safe.  Avoid fast-moving water and submerged gangways and other fishing infrastructure.  Go fish a pond, lake or reservoir.  The bass bite is on and the trout are cruz'n the shore.  Bait and bobbers will allow you to contemplate the really important things in life, like - "where would I want to fish when the eclipse passes over Idaho on August 21."

Be safe.

Riverside Pond Docks
Creative Commons Licence
D. Hardy