Fishing with the Crowd

It's no secret that Idaho's rivers are popular fishing destinations. Great fishing can also draw a crowd, sometimes causing conflicts between anglers. This is particularly true for salmon and steelhead fishing.

The video "Angler Etiquette: Fishing with the Crowd" covers commonly held practices in the fishing community when it comes to fishing around others and avoiding potential conflicts.


Created by Fish and Game with help from salmon and steelhead anglers, the video covers:

  • Fishing with Others - commonly accepted practices for fishing around others.
  • Boat Wakes - a source of conflict, but an even greater safety concern.
  • At the Boat Ramp - tips on common courtesy at boat ramps.
  • Keep Idaho's Rivers Beautiful - choose to be an angler that keeps our rivers clean.

The video is broken into four separate videos for easier viewing on the Fish and Game website.  A companion brochure can also be found online and at Fish and Game offices.