Projects in Design/Construction


Cabinet Gorge Hatchery:  A project to repair 50 of the 64 of the outside concrete raceways (concrete repair) has been bid.  This is a FY17 funded project scheduled for summer of 2017.  A Public Works Licensed Contractor has begun the work and should be complete by end of August 2017.

Gene Day Pond Phase 2:  A project to complete the fishing pond in Osburn, ID has been bid and awarded. The project start has been delayed due to winter conditions and park work windows due to use. The project is to be completed by October 31, 2017.

CDA WMA Bunkhouse:  A project to construct a bunkhouse with water and septic on the Coeur d’Alene WMA has been bid and awarded to a Public Works Licensed Contractor.  The project is to be completed by September 2017.



No current Pubic works Projects.



MK Nature Center:  A project to add 588 square feet on to the existing Visitor Center has been awarded to a Public Works Licensed Contractor.  Construction has started and to be complete by end of October, 2017.

Fort Boise Shop:  A project to construct a shop building at the Fort Boise WMA headquarters is in the construction stage.  Construction is 95% complete but completion has been delayed by high river/ground water conditions. Construction will be completed by the end of August 2017.

Wilson Springs Ponds:  A project to remove sediment by suction dredging method from Trophy Pond, North Pond, and South Pond.  Actual dredging of ponds is complete.  Settling basin has been filled in and covered with top soil.  Remaining work is to seed all disturbed areas by F&G Region; with anticipated completion in September 2017.

Montour WMA Water Control: A project to replace two existing water control structures at the Montour WMA. IDFG crew has completed the project.

Nampa Hatchery:  Raceway repairs.  Work to rehabilitate all raceways at hatchery.  Work includes dewatering, cleaning raceways, tilting upright 5 raceway walls, repair cracks, spall repair, and epoxy paint.  Contractor began work in mid-July.  Anticipate completion in late winter 2017.

Map Rock:  Boating access site on the Snake River.  The project is to replace concrete ramp, enlarge parking area by grading and placing gravel, place gravel on roads to site, install ADA parking pad adjacent to existing vault toilet, install new vault restroom at the north end of site, and install wire and cable fencing.  Permits have been obtained.  Grant approval is pending.  Anticipate construction by Contractor in late-summer/fall of 2017.

Bugle Basin Barn (Andrus WMA):  A project to address foundation issues is in the design stage.

Roberts Access:  A project to improve the failing end of the boat ramp at Roberts Access is in the design phase.  Construction to be contracted to a Public Works Licensed Contractor in FY18.

Boise River WMA:  Last phase of wildlife fencing along Hwy 21 near Lucky Peak Reservoir.  Project includes constructing a wildlife crossing/guard, elevated wildlife jumpouts, and install sections of woven wire fence material on existing posts.  Project currently in the design phase.  Anticipate construction in Spring 2018. 



Hagerman Hatchery Septic System:  Project to replace sewage lagoon with pressurized subsurface septic system.  All components have been installed and pressurized system is operational.  Remaining work is to replace asphalt on roadway, fill in lagoon upon it drying out, and reseed all disturbed areas.  Anticipate completion in September 2017.

Mormon Reservoir:  Project to add (6) floating docks, replace outhouse and construct an ADA compliant sidewalk has been completed by our F&G Construction Crew and Regional staff.

Hagerman Hatchery Covers:  Project to install a structural cover over Tucker Raceways 1 through 8 has been bid and awarded to a Public Works Licensed Contractor.  The project includes installing covers over the Tucker Springs inlet area.  Construction to be completed by November 11, 2017.

Lava Point Ramp (Magic Res):  Project to improve the failing concrete ramp at Lava Point has been designed. Anticipate contracting this work to a Public Works Licensed contractor in FY18.


American Falls Hatchery:

  • Project to purchase a pre-fab modular home, construct foundations, and install all utilities for the residence.  Includes constructing a garage to be used by occupants.  Modular home has been set and pending final passing inspections by Idaho DBS.  Anticipate home to be ready for occupancy in mid-August 2017.
  • Garage for residence has begun, anticipate completion in mid-August 2017.



South Fork Teton Access:  A project to construct a boat ramp and gravel parking area. Engineering plans are completed and permits have been obtained. Construction is on hold.

Tex Cr WMA:  A project to construct (replace) approximately 8 mile of fence (lost during the 2016 fire) has been delayed until Fall of 2017.

Mackay Hatchery: 

  • Project to purchase pre-fab modular home, construct foundation, construct septic system, drill new well, install pump, and install all utilities for the residence.  Contractor has begun work on foundation and utilities.  Anticipate delivery of home in late-August 2017 with occupancy expected in September 2017.
  • Garage for residence.  Contractor is anticipated to be complete in mid-August.
  • Raceway repairs.  Work to rehabilitate large raceways at hatchery includes repair cracks, spall repair, replace wall sections, and epoxy paint.  Contractor scheduled to begin mid-August.  Due to multiple work windows, anticipate completion of all work by Spring 2018.  

Bates Bridge Ramp:  A project to construct a boat ramp and gravel parking area. Project is in the design stage. Construction scheduled for Fall 2017.

Market Lake WMA Shop:  A project to construct an addition to the Market Lake WMA Shop has been awarded to a Public Works Licensed Contractor.  Construction has begun and to be complete by end of November 2017.



Upper Salmon Basin Fish Habitat Improvements: The region is working with consultants to design and construct stream restoration projects throughout the Upper Salmon Basin.

Redfish Lake Creek Sockeye collection facility: A design/build contract has been signed.  Design and permitting is completed.  Construction has started. Construction completion by Nov, 2017.