Southwest Winter Feeding Report - Feb. 27, 2017


The Southwest Region has a long history of big game winter feeding efforts. The Winter Feeding Advisory Committee, made up of several citizen volunteers, continues to meet and review current winter conditions and evaluate needs to declare more winter feeding emergencies based on factors outlined in Fish and Game rule and policy as per IC36-123. Before this year, the last emergency winter feeding operation was conducted in the winter of 2007/2008.   Elk and deer were fed because of severe winter weather conditions in Garden Valley and the Lowman area.

February 27,  2017 status report

Garden Valley/Lowman: A total of 22 active feed sites are along the Banks/Lowman Highway between Garden Valley and Lowman. Fish and Game continues to work with local landowners to feed around 440 deer and 580 elk.

Weiser Flats: Elk left this feed site last week.

Weiser Cove: The number of deer being fed has dropped from approximately 1,200 to 600. Remaining deer continue to be fed at eight sites in cooperation with local landowners. South-facing slopes are opening up and deer are beginning to move up the hillsides.

Cambridge: Elk have left this feed site.

Council: Elk have left this feed site.

Emmett: Approximately 300 deer and 100 elk continue to be fed on private/state land in an effort to address depredation issues. Staff is working to keep deer and elk separated at the feed sites. Hillsides continue to open up and deer are dispersing as a result.

Totals:  28 feed sites,  2,522 deer,   1,145 elk