Southeast Winter Feeding Report Feb. 27, 2017


The Southeast Region has significant history of winter feeding and has an active Winter Feeding Advisory Committee. 

Feb. 27, 2017 status report

The southeast region received 4-8" of new snow across the winter ranges. Most sites had noted decreased feed consumption prior to the storm, but a few had increased. Bear Lake, Caribou, and Oneida Counties are still in full feeding mode. We have observed some fawn mortality, but most feed ground operators report that fed animals look healthy.  

The total number of active winter feeding sites in the Southeast Region is 87.

  • 6,200 deer
  • 3,300 elk
  • 1 pronghorn

The purposes of the feeding sites are as follows:

  • Critical winter conditions - 72 sites
  • Public safety - 44 sites
  • Private property damage - 64 sites
  • Reduce elk/cattle interaction - 18 sites
  • Range fire - 10 sites