Panhandle Winter Feeding Report - Feb. 27, 2017


The Fish and Game Panhandle Region does not normally declare winter feeding emergencies because big game do not congregate in large concentrations. Because of this it is virtually impossible to use feeding as a tool in a way that is meaningful from a population standpoint.  The region has never established a Winter Feeding Advisory Committee as per IC 36-123.  The last winter feeding operation was conducted in 2009 when fewer than 200 deer were fed at scattered sites across Boundary and Bonner counties.

Feb. 27, 2017 status report

No change in feeding status this week and the Panhandle Region is not engaging in winter feeding of big game animals.  Temperatures continue to moderate and wet weather has caused substantial reductions in snow cover around the region.  Low elevation and south-facing areas are pretty much free of snow and available for foraging animals.  There have been few observations of stressed deer.  Most big game appear to be in good condition.