Magic Valley Winter Feeding Report - March 13, 2017


The Magic Valley Region has significant history of winter feeding and has an active Winter Feeding Advisory Committee.

March 13, 2017 status report

Fish and Game is currently operating 12 sanctioned feed sites in Blaine County.

There is still a significant amount of snow north of Hailey.  Fish and Game received several calls from concerned citizens about elk herds in the Sun Valley area.  Many of the callers requested that Fish and Game begin emergency winter feeding around the Elkhorn subdivision and in the Independence Creek area.  Fish and Game staff spent a considerable amount of time investigating the situation and determined that winter feeding is not needed in these areas.  Fish and Game did install signs in the area cautioning recreational users to stay away from wintering wildlife.

Totals: 12 feed sites, 250 deer, 1,200 elk