A Lifetime License to Hunt and Fish

I could not resist checking out a newborn at Fish and Game’s front desk as I was passing the lobby in the Boise office. It turns out that one-month-old Teddy Romero just became the owner of an Idaho Fish and Game lifetime license!

Proud father, Joe Romero, buys lifetime license for his one-month-old son
Creative Commons Licence
Travis Palmer

Travis Palmer, who sold the license to Teddy’s dad, Joe, said that most parents bring in a birth certificate. But Joe brought in his newborn son instead. The name sounded familiar to me. It turns out, that Joe is the son of John Romero, a rancher we had interviewed years ago for an Incredible Idaho story on sage grouse. So the apple does not fall from the tree….wildlife lovers all around.

I remembered John because he was a particularly articulate interview and a commercial and military pilot with a degree in wildlife management. Since those days, John has developed a business that flies aerial wildlife surveys using infrared technology. And at times, Idaho Fish and Game is has been one of his clients.

See you out there, Teddy!  - Sue Nass, Bureau of Communications.