Ducks, Rivers and Volunteers

You may run across Idaho Fish and Game volunteers John Buzzell and Alan Crockett putting up wood duck boxes along the Boise River on a sunny afternoon.

Volunteers put up wood duck box
Creative Commons Licence
Sue Nass

Do you ever wonder about those bird boxes you see along our Boise River greenbelt? They are nest boxes for wood ducks. Yep, wood ducks naturally nest in tree cavities, but sometimes those are hard to find. So a nest box like this is the perfect substitute. It has a small opening which makes it more difficult for predators to enter.

Wood ducks pair up in January and often “double clutch”, that means they produce two broods in one year. So watch for these colorful ducks near our waterways and thank a Fish and Game volunteer for providing the time and labor to create a nesting home.

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