Caution - Watch for Falling Elk

Just when you thought that you'd seen or heard it all - you get a message that makes you shake your head.

On February 15, I received an e-mail about "the damaged handrail and steps below Hells Canyon Dam" and asking, "who was responsible for repairs?"  For those of you who've fished for salmon or steelhead below the dam - know exactly which stairs the e-mail referenced.  The really interesting part is how the damage occurred. 

Evidently, an elk had taken a miss-step somewhere on the steep hill above the stairs.  The fall proved to be fatal for the elk and heavily damaged the stairs and handrail.

The good news is - the Payette National Forest who's property the stairs are located, have ordered the parts to repair the steps and they should  be fixed prior to spring steelhead fishing.  Bad news is - there's no insurance for elk falling from the sky and damaging property. 


Creative Commons Licence
J. Dupont

Angler access below Hells Canyon on Idaho side of the Snake River.