2017 Winter Feeding in Video

Fish and Game staff pulled out their phones and cameras to capture the scope of winter feeding efforts around the state.

These short videos give a glimpse of operations around the southern portion of the state from elk herds at Tex Creek in the Upper Snake Region to aerials over Southeast Idaho of animals gathered on feed sites. Biologists feed elk in the Magic Valley and lure deer and elk from roads and agricultural sites in Southwest Idaho.

Go to Winter Feeding video playlist for more videos.

Also watch an overview of the many tools Idaho Fish and Game uses to manage Idaho’s deer and elk to benefit landowners, hunters and Idaho’s wildlife with the story Elk, Ranchers and Winter.

Winter feeding has several goals, including helping some animals get through winter due to limited or unavailable winter forage caused by fire or unusual weather. Winter feeding is also an approach used to keep wildlife away from agricultural operations, highways and populated areas where they can be hazards or nuisances.