Moose breaks through window well, trapped in Hailey basement

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Moose trapped in basement in Hailey
Creative Commons Licence
Idaho Fish and Game

Last winter we reported a rare occurrence in which a cow elk broke through a window well and ended up trapped in a basement. Sr. Conservation officer Alex Head was hoping that was a once in career event that he would have to respond to.

Well, last night it happened again, only this time it was a cow moose!

With the assistance of Blaine County Deputies, and officers from Hailey and Bellevue, officer Head attempted to herd the moose up the stairs and out the front door to freedom. The moose was having none of it, charging the officers several times. Wildlife Manager Daryl Meints was called at 3:00 am this morning to bring narcotics up to sedate the moose. With all hands on deck, the sleeping giant was carried up the stairs and out the front door. It woke up in the snow covered street, groggy and confused, but free.