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Idaho Fish and Game

Check Stations Show Increased Hunters, Success And Satisfaction

Fri, 10/20/2000 - 00:00 | idfg-staff

Check stations run by Magic Valley Regional personnel on the opening weekend of the deer season revealed an increase of hunters in the field, hunter success, and overall general satisfaction. Most hunters commented on seeing "lots of does and fawns." Check stations were operated near Little Wood Reservoir, at… more

Steelhead Anglers: Nez Perce Tribal Steelhead License Not Valid Outside Reservation

Fri, 10/20/2000 - 00:00 | idfg-staff

Steelhead anglers are reminded that the Nez Perce tribal steelhead license is not valid outside the reservation boundary on the Clearwater River or on the Salmon and Snake rivers. However, an Idaho fishing license with a steelhead permit is valid on all three rivers. Steelhead anglers that posses a valid Nez Perce… more

Pheasant Opener Set For This Saturday, October 21st

Wed, 10/18/2000 - 00:00 | idfg-staff

IDAHO FALLS - Amidst the ongoing flurry of opening days it's easy to let one slip by, but bird hunters are sure to remember that pheasant season in the Upper Snake Region starts this Saturday, October 21. While populations of these exotic birds to be found out in the "wild" remains relatively low, sportsmen looking to… more

Deer Hunting Success Up

Mon, 10/16/2000 - 00:00 | idfg-staff

Even with less than ideal hunting conditions, mule deer hunters across most of southern Idaho found more deer on the hunting opener. Hunters generally prefer cooler, wetter weather for pursuing big game than they saw the first few days of the season this fall. Deer are supremely well-equipped to hear humans tramping… more

Sockeye Exceed Expectations

Mon, 10/16/2000 - 00:00 | idfg-staff

Salmon biologists expected a sockeye return last summer of about 100 fish but 257 actually made the trip back to Idaho. Compared to most years since sockeye captive breeding was established in the early 1990s, this year's return is dramatic. The 1990s saw returns in single digits. Sometimes the digit was 1 or even 0.… more

More of Unit 28 Ready for Hunters

Mon, 10/16/2000 - 00:00 | idfg-staff

About two-thirds of Unit 28 in the Clear Creek burn area near Salmon has been re-opened to hunting. Meeting in a telephone conference call October 12, Fish and Game Commissioners voted unanimously to re-open another section of Unit 28. The hunting unit was closed at the request of the Forest Service so workers could… more

Ask Fish and Game

Mon, 10/16/2000 - 00:00 | idfg-staff

Q. I've got a two-pole validation. Can I fish for steelhead with two poles? A. No, the rules on fishing specifically prohibit fishing with two poles for salmon or steelhead.

Fish and Game on the Alert for Diseased Deer

Tue, 10/10/2000 - 00:00 | idfg-staff

A disease outbreak spread by gnats is responsible for the deaths of some 35 deer, discovered in a small area of hunting unit 11A southwest of Orofino. However, authorities at Idaho Department of Fish and Game Fish (IDFG) report the public shouldn't worry because there is no danger of the disease being spread to… more

Steelhead Run Continues Climb

Tue, 10/10/2000 - 00:00 | idfg-staff

Idaho steelhead enthusiasts tend to be a hardy bunch who can tolerate a little adversity, but this fall-with a large run coming into the rivers early-they have a rare opportunity to go after the big ocean-run fish in shirtsleeve weather. The largest number of steelhead to cross Lower Granite Dam since the 1985 run is… more

Commission Changes Elk Zone

Tue, 10/10/2000 - 00:00 | idfg-staff

The current Big Desert elk hunting zone will be split for next fall's hunting season. The Fish and Game Commission acted in its October meeting in Salmon to leave Unit 52A and 68 in the Big Desert zone, to be managed for quality elk hunting. Units 63 68A and 53 will become known as the Snake River zone where elk… more

Fire Refunds for Salmon River Anglers

Tue, 10/10/2000 - 00:00 | idfg-staff

Meeting in Salmon October 5, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission voted to approve license refunds for anglers who purchased short-term fishing licenses to fish on Salmon River float trips which were subsequently cancelled by Forest Service area closures. Segments of the Salmon River and the Middle Fork of the Salmon were… more

Ask Fish and Game

Tue, 10/10/2000 - 00:00 | idfg-staff

Q. Are there rules against electronic gadgets on hunting equipment? A. There are for big game hunting. In the state Administrative Procedures Act rules section for Fish and Game, section 13.01.08 is "Rules governing the taking of big game animals." It specifies that it is unlawful to hunt big game "with any… more

Youth Pheasant Hunt Scheduled

Fri, 10/06/2000 - 00:00 | idfg-staff

Your Salmon Region Fish and Game is offering a Youth Pheasant Hunt for budding young upland gamebird hunters on Saturday, October 28th. Participants will begin their day by meeting at the Fish and Game office to spend some time learning about pheasants as well as about hunting with dogs. The group will then move to the… more

Pheasant Youth Hunt Slated

Wed, 10/04/2000 - 00:00 | idfg-staff

First time bird hunters have a chance to learn from the experts at an upcoming pheasant youth hunt sponsored by the Canyon County Chapter of Pheasants Forever. Designed for first-time bird hunters of any age, the event will be held at Idaho Sporting Clays and Game Birds in Homedale on Saturday October 14. "Persons… more

Proper Disposal of Game Waste

Tue, 10/03/2000 - 00:00 | idfg-staff

With big game season nearly underway, hunters that butcher their own game are encouraged to dispose of their wastes properly. Authorities at the Nez Perce County Solid Waste Station in Lewiston, remind hunters that proper disposal is very simple. Hunters can place their game waste in a good heavy bag, seal it, and… more

Be Careful with Fire, Feed

Mon, 10/02/2000 - 00:00 | idfg-staff

Hunters need to remember that the fire hazard on Idaho's wildlands has only been reduced from powderkeg to tinderbox level in many parts of Idaho. Though moisture and cooler temperatures have brought the danger down somewhat from a month ago when many public lands were closed to access, much of Idaho remains extremely… more

Best Steelhead Run in Five Years Comes Early

Mon, 10/02/2000 - 00:00 | idfg-staff

The best steelhead run in at least five years, maybe the best since 1992-93, is coming ahead of schedule. Counted at Lower Granite Dam, the last dam on the Snake River fish must cross before reaching Idaho, this year's run is about 112 percent ahead of the 10-year average and 62 percent above last year's, according to… more

Successful Hunters Asked to Report

Mon, 10/02/2000 - 00:00 | idfg-staff

Successful elk and deer hunters are now the only ones who need to send a harvest report to Fish and Game. This is a change from the last two hunting seasons when all deer and elk hunters were required to file harvest reports. Reports are to be filed within 10 days of taking an animal. No report is required of those… more