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Can I use a spotlight to hunt?


It is unlawful to hunt any big game animals, upland game animals or fur bearing animals with the aid of any artificial light. Some species of animals may be hunted by obtaining a permit.

A Permit to Hunt with Artificial Light is required to hunt predators (only Coyote, Jackrabbit and Skunk) and unprotected animals (animals not classified as game or protected animals).

Permits may be obtained at the Regional Fish and Game office you intend to hunt. Regions consider the potential to injure other people, disturb or kill big game, disturb or damage private property such as buildings, livestock, irrigation systems etc. and trigger complaints of unlawful activity. Permits are very restrictive and require notification to the County Sheriff’s Office and Fish and Game Regional Office for each trip. The permit restricts caliber, light application, distance from residences and campgrounds, season, private property, areas with livestock and cannot be uses during any general or controlled big game season.

Landowners can authorize hunting at night with a spotlight on their privately owned property y by issuing written permission. A hunting license is required. When hunting on private property with written permission a permit from Fish and Game is not required.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019 - 4:42 PM MST