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Idaho Fish and Game partners for hunting and fishing access

Clagstone Meadows

The area is open year-round for a variety of non-motorized recreational opportunities to include hunting, trapping and hiking.

Access Restrictions
  • Users must self-register daily at one of the three access sites before entering the property.
  • Please refer and adhere to all the access rules that are posted at each site and on the back of the registration card. Download Access Rules [PDF]

Clagstone Meadows is still private property and very much working commercial timber lands. Please respect Stimson’s lands, forest operations, equipment, and infrastructure and the closed Stimson Reserve area. Be safe and enjoy the natural resources the Clagstone Ranch has to offer. Feel free to contact Idaho Fish and Game at 208-769-1414 if you have any questions.

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Idaho Fish and Game

Access Partners: Stimson, Idaho Department of Lands, USFS Forest Legacy Program 


How Fish and Game partners for access

When you buy a hunting or fishing license, your dollars, along with federal funds, help Fish and Game and partners maintain access to wildlife-related recreation opportunities.