Provide Commission authority to limit nonresident disabled veteran deer and elk tags


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Status of Rulemaking

This proposed rule is published in the September 2, 2020, Idaho Administrative Bulletin.

A public comment period was open from September 2 to September 23, 2020. 


This rulemaking would provide the Fish and Game Commission the authority to limit the number of deer and elk tags made available annually to nonresident Disabled American Veterans (DAV) at a reduced price.

General season deer and elk tags available to Nonresident DAVs at a reduced price are not included under the statewide limits for the total number of nonresident general season deer and elk tags (14,000 regular and white-tailed deer tags, 1,500 white-tailed deer tags, and 12,815 elk tags).

Nonresident DAV deer tags cost $22.00 compared to $300.00 for a regular adult nonresident deer tag, and nonresident DAV elk tags cost $38.00 compared to $415.00 for an adult nonresident elk tag. Since 2016, the number of nonresident DAV deer tags sold annually has increased by 60% (from 1,149 tags in 2016 to 1,839 tags in 2019) and the number of nonresident DAV elk tags sold annually has increased by 85% (from 910 tags in 2016 to 1,682 tags in 2019). It is reasonable to expect continued growth in sales of nonresident DAV tags if tags are not limited. In fact, as of June 1, 2020, the Department had already sold 1,353 nonresident DAV deer tags and 1,341 nonresident DAV elk tags. This represents a 62% increase in the sale of nonresident DAV deer tags and a 60% increase in the sale of nonresident DAV elk tags in 2020 compared to sales on the same date in 2019. The increasing popularity of nonresident DAV deer and elk tags may potentially impact the Department’s ability to manage nonresident hunter numbers to address hunter congestion.

If the number of tags made available at the reduced nonresident DAV price sell out, nonresident DAVs would still be eligible to purchase tags available at the regular adult nonresident prices.


Number of nonresident Disabled American Veteran (DAV) deer and elk tags sold, 2016 – 2019

Year Nonresident DAV Deer Tags Sold Nonresident DAV Elk Tags Sold
2016 1,149 910
2017 1,279 1,047
2018 1,582 1,264
2019 1,839 1,682
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