Controlled Hunt Application Information

To apply for a controlled hunt, residents and nonresidents must have a valid Idaho hunting license and complete the application / worksheet, below.

  • Applications are available at the link below and any license vendor, Fish and Game office, online or with a credit card by calling: 1-800-554-8685.
  • The applications can also be mailed, with the proper fees, to any Fish and Game office.

Controlled Hunt Worksheet
Application Guide

Big Game  – [PDF, 123 KB]


  1. Print out the worksheet to speed up the application process. Use it as a reference when applying by phone or visiting a license vendor, or mail it with the proper fees to any Fish and Game office.
  2. Enter your first choice controlled hunt number. Listing a 2nd choice number is optional.  Enter the complete four-digit hunt number, NOT the unit/area number. Hunt numbers are found in the first column (left side) of the controlled hunt tables in the big game seasons and rules booklet. Hunt numbers are subject to change each year so be sure to use the current brochure when applying.
  3. Enter your name(s), DOB, & hunting license number.

Group Applicants

  • Two hunters may apply on the same application for turkey, spring and fall bear, moose, bighorn sheep or mountain goat.
  • Up to four hunters may apply on the same application for deer, elk, or pronghorn.

Note: Individual or group applications that are unreadable, have incomplete or incorrect hunt or license numbers, or that lack the required information or fee will be declared void and will not be entered in the controlled hunt drawing. Any person desiring to change an application after it is submitted may cancel it at a Fish and Game office. All fees must be paid again when re-applying.

Fees to include when applying by mail:

Applicants for controlled hunts for deer, elk, pronghorn or black bear must submit a nonrefundable application fee with each application. Do not send the tag fee(s) when applying for these species, send only the controlled hunt application fee(s).

  • The fee is $6.25 for residents for each species.
  • The fee is $14.75 for nonresidents for each species.
  • $1 of this fee may be designated for the Citizens Against Poaching program.
  • A single payment, either cashier's check, money order, certified check, or personal check, may be submitted in the same envelope to cover fees for all applicants when using the controlled hunt worksheet and applying by mail.
  • If a payment is insufficient to cover fees, all applications will be voided. DO NOT MAIL CASH!
  • Applicants for controlled hunts for moose, mountain goat or bighorn sheep may only apply for one species and must submit the entire amount - tag fee and controlled hunt application fee - when applying. See the links below for current fees. Only tag fees will be refunded. Hunting license fees and application fees will not be refunded if you do not draw.
  • Resident Controlled Hunt Tag Fees
  • Nonresident Controlled Hunt Tag Fees

Check the controlled hunt sections of the rule brochures at the links below for complete information including requirements, eligibility, restrictions, 2nd drawing, leftover permits, refunds, etc.


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There is a processing fee for applications made online and by phone.
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