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  • Salmon Fishing Little Salmon River in 2015

    Clearwater Region Chinook Update

    Hi everybody, this is Joe Dupont, Clearwater Region Fish Manager. It is time for this week's Clearwater Region Chinook update (6/13/16).  

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  • Addendum to Chinook Salmon Seasons and Rules in the Clearwater River Drainage

    The section of the Clearwater River from the Camas Prairie Railroad Bridge upstream to the Cherrylane Bridge will reopen to fishing for Chinook salmon on June 10. Fishing for Chinook salmon in this section of river is allowed only on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays until further notice. Daily fishing hours will be the same as currently in effect for salmon fisheries in the Clearwater River.

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    Clearwater Fisheries Update (06/06/2016)

    Hi everybody, it is time for the Clearwater Region’s Weekly Chinook update (6/6/16).  I thought I’d get this out today to give those of you who like to fish the Little Salmon River more notice about the upcoming closure (See section on Rapid River Run and Attachment for details).  Also, for those of you who like to fish the Clearwater River, please read that fishery section as we will be providing some new fishing opportunity for returning summer Chinook Salmon.

  • Lower Salmon River And Snake River To Close June 2

    Fishing seasons for chinook salmon will end at the end of fishing hours on Thursday, June 2 on the following river sections:

  • Chinook Salmon Fishing on Clearwater River in 2015

    Clearwater Region Chinook Salmon Update (5/31/16)

    The Clearwater River has seen an increase in the amount of effort this week with anglers fishing for chinook all throughout the system. Areas below Pink House provided many anglers with good catching opportunities until its closure on Friday. The North Fork of the Clearwater  has seen good catch rates and a substantial number of anglers trying their luck all along the stretch with the majority of effort located at the bridge or the wall at the base of Dworshak Dam. Anglers along the North Fork are primarily floating eggs or shrimp.

  • Valerie, Salmon River

    Chinook counts picking up

    Once flows coming out of Bonneville Dam dropped on April 28, Chinook counts picked up and have been climbing ever since.  Just yesterday, over 13,000 adult Chinook were counted passing over Bonneville Dam and many are heading to Idaho.  Based on past Chinook passage data, we can project how many Chinook are remaining to come depending on whether the run has an average or late migration.

  • Managing chinook seasons is a constant work in progress

    Spring Chinook fishing opens April 23, and anglers often wonder how many salmon there will be and how long the season will last. It's a challenging question to answer because unlike most Idaho fisheries, salmon seasons are dependent on how many fish return from the ocean each year.

  • Fall Chinook, Photo by Roger Phillips, IDFG.
  • Capturing Small Salmon and Steelhead on the North Fork Salmon River

    Beginning on July 1st 2015, the Salmon Region fisheries staff will operate a fish trap on the North Fork of the Salmon River. A fish trap captures small salmon and steelhead in streams and rivers. Once we capture fish, we place a tag in the fish that helps us track them throughout their life. Once we have tagged these fish we can follow these fish from their home in the North Fork Salmon River to the ocean and back again.


Chinook Salmon

Oncorhynchus tshawytscha

IDAPA Classification: Threatened, Game Fish
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